What is hooping?


Hooping” or “Hoop Dance” is the new craze taking the country by storm! Today’s hula hooping isn’t little girls with pigtails and boys in suspenders competing to see who can keep the hula-hoop up the longest. Instead, it is a whirlwind of movement, rhythm and pure energy for everyone to enjoy!

How did it start?

The hula hoop that swept the nation in the 1950s was not the first. Hoops have been used in many cultures throughout the world.The earliest known incidence of hooping was in ancient Egypt as early as 1000 BC, where children used large hoops made of grape vines, which they rolled along the ground propelled by sticks, or swung around their waists. In other parts of the ancient world, hoops were made of stiff grasses as opposed to vine. The hula hoop as we know it was actually created by an Austrailian company and made from wood rings. This attracted the California toy manufacturer, Wham-o and they began manufacturing them in plastic in a wide variety of bright colors. Thus, the Hula Hoop as we know it was born.

How did it become what it is today?

“Hooping”  as we refer to it today, started creeping back into our culture as the band The String Cheese Incident began to toss hoops to the audience during their shows in the mid-90s. Spreading the fun and love they experienced during the show, Hooping began to be more than just a kids activity, it began its transformation into what we today call “Hoop Dance”

The art of Hoop Dance isn’t exactly what you might imagine when you think of “hula hooping.” It surpasses conventional waist rotation by incorporating  freestyle dance, off the body moves, linear transitions, and jumps! It incorporates both grace and style, while being completely unique to the person performing it. In contrast to the toy Hula Hoops, hoopers today use heavier, larger diameter hoops and frequently rotate the hoop around parts of the body other than the waist. The hoop can be rotated not just on different parts of the body but off the body as well. All spaces both within and outside of the hoop can be freely explored. It is mesmerizing to both the viewer and hooper alike!

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Grab a hoop and get spinning!  Happy Hooping!