Beginner Hoop Dance – Level 1 Hangout


Wether for fitness or fun; this class will allow you to strengthen your body and learn the basics of hoop dance, all in the comfort of your own home!


Product Description

You will learn to express your inner self and become one with the hoop. Hoop Dance Basics is a low impact, high energy, core busting way to achieve physical fitness!  In this class, you will be guided through a series of exercises on the waist and hips mastering core control, hand hooping, and lifts. This class will teach you the basics of getting the hoop going and learn the basics to off the body hooping, setting a foundation for further tricks and flow.

This class is available online via Google Hangout, meeting once a week. Space is limited, please pre-register to secure your spot.
This is a 2 class pack and can be tailored around you with two consecutive days or once a week, once a month. The beauty of this class is that is customized to you!


  1. Your own hoop
    * Custom beginner hoops available at a discounted rate for taking the class – Message us for the details!
  2. Space to use that hoop!
    We recommend that you have at least a 10ft x 15ft space to do this class. You want to make sure you have room for your hoop to travel freely around your waist, as well as above your head. You want to be sure you have some room to move around in, spinning in circles and walking. Be sure it is clear of breakable objects 🙂


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