My Masterpiece

Being a creative soul, I allow the inspiration to filter through my bones, from my head to my toes filling every inch of my soul. Throughout life I have learned to harness this inspiration, from various color combinations, to patterns, to the simple aromatic smell of a flower, and transform it into creative happiness. One of the many reasons I love a Hula Hoop is the freedom of expression and creativity that comes from it. Not just from the “dance” aspect, but the creative outlet that comes from hoop making. I love looking at all the beautiful colors and textures from my tape selections and letting my imagination run wild. Just as a painter squirts paint on a pallet, I spread my tape all over the floor

to get a good look at what I am working with. I let the colors and patterns dance around in my head and begin to transpire my masterpiece.

The rhythmic motion of wrapping the tape across the tubing becomes soothing; it is my brush stroke, my needle work, my crochet knot. Each layer of tape brings me closer to my vision and I watch as the beauty unfolds. Each hoop stems from daily inspiration, something as simple as blues and greens, mimicking the beautiful view of the rich mountain tops against the stark blu skye, to a vibrant rainbow showing off the rich hues of red, orange, yellow, green and purple. Even patterns from an article of clothing or a storybook character begin to come to life. When competed as I looking over each hoop, it begins to tell a story; a story of life, of happiness, of inspiration and I am reminded that just as the hoop started as a blank canvas and blossomed into something amazing and beautiful, so will the hooper who receives it. They will start with their blank canvas and begin their transformation through inspirational and creative movements, unlocking the gracefulness of their dance, thus continuing the circular path of a hoop and all of it’s existence. From the moment a hoop is born to the moment the dancer connects, beauty, grace and happiness transcribe to make a beautiful masterpiece.

“Someday, everything is gonna be smooth like a rhapsody,
When I paint my masterpiece…”

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