Hoop Makeover & Trade-ins!

Hoop Makeovers

Worn, torn but not abused!

Do you have a favorite hoop that has seen better days and in need of a makeover? We offer Re-taping jobs for less than the cost of a new hoop!

Drop your baby off with us, we will strip it and re-tape to your new design. She will be as good as new, ready to take your hooping to the next level! Choose the same tape design or a new custom look. Want her to last even longer? Add a layer of clear layer of protectant tape as an upgrade!

Hoop Trade-ins 

Help I’ve outgrown my hoop!

BSH-MakeoverHave you and your hoop parted ways with the old, it’s not you, it’s me line? Through our hooper journey as our talent and skill set progresses we end up with a few hoops that are just hanging out and collecting dust. Now you can put those hoops towards a new one that will take your hooping to the next level! With our Hoop-Trade in program, you can trade your existing hoop in for brand new hoop of your choice at discount!


*  Policies & Disclaimers  *

  • Hoop Makeover prices may vary depending on the tape design, please contact us for more information.
  • Hoops that qualify for the hoop-trade in must be in working condition, no kinks or severely misshaped.
  • If out of our local area, you will need to pay for shipping.