10 days of Thanks, Hooper style

10 days of Thanks, Hooper style…. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s a time to stop and reflect, to give thanks to all the year has brought you. It is a time for family, festivities and of course good food! This year as I begin my reflection, I want to take […]


5 Things my Hula Hoop has taught me!

5 Things my Hula Hoop taught me! From Patience to Community and Self Discovery, this plastic circle has taught me more than I ever expected on this journey!   1. Patience. Patience is a virtue. Yah yah, I have been told that my whole life and as a person who thrives from instant gratification this […]

boost your confidence

Boost your confidence in 30 days with the Audacious Me Challenge!

Let’s set the stage… The alarm is going off, you wake up in a haze only to realize you hit the snooze button one too many times and you’re now running late. You jump in the shower, still in a haze, realize you’re putting shampoo on your loofa instead of body wash because your eyes […]


My Masterpiece

Being a creative soul, I allow the inspiration to filter through my bones, from my head to my toes filling every inch of my soul. Throughout life I have learned to harness this inspiration, from various color combinations, to patterns, to the simple aromatic smell of a flower, and transform it into creative happiness. One […]


Hoop Jam lovin

One of my favorite things about hooping is the community and creativity it fosters. I hosted a hoop jam last week and enjoyed hooping with those lovely ladies, every moment of it. Every person has their own unique style and when you are all together in one big area you become mesmerized by them all. […]

Hoop Dancer

Work it Girl

I closed my eyes and absorbed the motion and the revolution of the hoop. It was blissful. I love those moments. When everything seems to connect be in sync.