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Boost your confidence in 30 days with the Audacious Me Challenge!

Let’s set the stage…

The alarm is going off, you wake up in a haze only to realize you hit the snooze button one too many times and you’re now running late. You jump in the shower, still in a haze, realize you’re putting shampoo on your loofa instead of body wash because your eyes are still closed. You jump out of the shower and realize there is no time to blow dry your hair, you can’t find the dress you wanted to wear and there is no coffee in your hand. Crap, it’s just another Manic Monday.

red_shoes_isolated_198448We have all been there. We have all had those days where it seems as if the universe is trying oh so hard to get us to crawl right back in bed. We go through the day with a level of frustration and chaos as we never seem to catch up. What if through all the chaos and rushing around we chose to push the boundaries, to turn the lemons into lemonade, to fully live audaciously. What do you think would happen in your day if you consciously made the decision to wear those red pumps that you love, even though they don’t really fully match your outfit? Or you chose a big, bold printed blouse instead of your black or brown normal attire? I will guarantee you, by the time you make it to work, you would be feeling a lot more confident and ready to tackle the world. That extra 5 minutes in traffic wouldn’t be so bad as you keep glancing down at those red pumps and smiling. Life can throw you lemons all day long, but that’s ok because you are surely going to enjoy that lemonade. Life is too short to run through the monotonous day and be average joe. Why not stand out, what’s holding you back?

When I was in college I decided that I was going to meet at least 10 new people a day. I went to a college that was 5 hours from home and I realized in order to survive I had to make friends. I decided that I wasn’t going to just sit back and wait for them to approach me, that I needed to be bold and push the boundaries. So what did I do? I presented a conversational piece. I took all million earrings I had back then, ok not a million, but at least 5 in each ear, and flipped them around so the backs were showing instead of the actual stud. Needless to say, all silliness aside, it was definitely a conversation starter. You had those who were generally concerned that I just woke up late and in the dark, quickly put them

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in backwards (oh and their surprised faces when I told them I did it on purpose). And you had those people who thought I was just weird, but still managed to talk to me to see what was up with that. By being bold, making a statement and living every day audaciously, I was able to put aside my fears and my confidence began to soar. I walked with more pep in my step, my head held high, and yes, my earring backwards. But applying that to life today has done amazing things for my well-being. I wake up each morning choosing to live boldly, choosing to make that lemonade, and choosing to succeed.

Today, I challenge you to live audaciously. To live outside of the box of monotony, to step outside your comfort zone. Do something different today that will bring a smile to your face. If this seems way out of your comfort level and a big struggle for you, just pick one day to start with. Maybe Saturday is your day? You don’t have to go to work, you won’t see many people you know, you have all the time in the world, you’re going to run errands so why not test the boundaries. Let’s wear those red pumps, let’s see what kind of compliments we get. I guarantee you, you’re going to have a little more pep in your step, and people are going to notice it and give you the compliments. People are going to say, “I want to be her, look how confident she is, she walks with her head held high, with some pep in her step and look at those amazing shoes”. I’ll tell you, it’s going to do a world of difference for how you live your life. It seems so silly that a pair of red shoes could change your life, it’s going to change your mind set. It will give you that extra boost of confidence, by pushing those boundaries and succeeding, by beating life’s lemons and making them into delicious lemonade. As women and human nature, we feel good about succeeding in life, even with those little hurdles you have to jump such as running late because of traffic. Tell a woman she can’t do something, and watch her succeed at it. If you are already on this boat and feel you live boldly, I say photo document it! Let the world know its ok to push the boundaries.

So let that resonate a little bit and decide that today’s the day, and just do it! My challenge to you is to take the 30 Day Audacious, Selfie Challenge. Every day, for 30 days, take a selfie of what you are doing to live boldly. Selfie you and those red heels, you and that green eye shadow. Step outside the box and live boldly. Step into a new world of confidence.


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