About Us

Hoopdance is an invigorating way to burn calories and separate yourself from the world around you. Many people who don’t enjoy traditional forms of exercise gravitate to hoopdance for the centered feeling it brings, along with the benefits of elevating your heart rate while getting you sweating.

Kristin Marlowe

Owner and founder of Blu Skye Hoops, spreading the love of hooping all around the East Coast. In 2012 I moved to Virginia bringing with me my passion for hooping thus beginning a new chapter in my life and Blu Skye Hoops. My passion for hooping began in South Carolina. I became mesmerized and transformed by the art of hoop dance after seeing it at a music festival in 2007. I was a founding partner of HomeSpun Hoops in SC and began teaching classes, offering demos and hoop parties and performing. In moving to Virginia I brought with me the love for Hoop Dance and thus became Blu Skye Hoops. The sky is the limit, and with that anything is possible.

Kristin MarloweI like that hooping has given me this outlet for expression, and through that I have affected so many other’s lives. It addicting, there’s no doubt! I just want everyone to have the chance to experience hooping for whatever release it may give you. For me it makes me feel fluid and graceful, its a stress reliever after a long day, an accomplishment when you learn a new trick, a feeling of graceful beauty and connecting with my inner self.