5 Things my Hula Hoop has taught me!

10609592_877051599909_7813071555745225381_n5 Things my Hula Hoop taught me! From Patience to Community and Self Discovery, this plastic circle has taught me more than I ever expected on this journey!


1. Patience.

Patience is a virtue. Yah yah, I have been told that my whole life and as a person who thrives from instant gratification this is something I struggle with daily.

It can be so easy to jump on the fast track and want the end result with out all the hard work. Often times we see something someone has created or is doing and we want it so bad that we will do anything to have it instantly. Hula hooping has taught me to love the process. To get to the graceful, smooth movements, you must first learn the fundamentals. We watch videos and want so bad to be able to do those moves or have that much grace and over time, it comes, but not with out patience and hard work. One of my favorite mottos is “If at first you don’t succeed, spin, spin, spin again.” It is key to anything in life. You have to learn to walk before you can run… So you may as well enjoy the ride.

2. Never, Never, Never give up.

What is that saying again? If at first you don’t succeeded…. something about spinning?

It is human nature to doubt yourself, or your ability. But when you set your aim high, you don’t realize more often than not, you will hit your mark. It becomes a mindset you enter and when you truly want something to happen, the universe works in mysterious ways putting all the gears in action. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “I can’t hula hoop”, I would be rich, drinking margaritas on a beach with my feet kicked up! I am a firm believer that EVERYONE can hula hoop. All they need is the right tools, and some encouragement. Once they have the right size hoop, and some basic instruction they are gyrating away in no time. The same goes for the experienced hooper. We watch videos after video of tricks and flow and are just amazed at how beautiful it is. Human nature kicks in and we immediately begin to doubt ourselves, thinking we would never be able to do that. Once we have it in our heads we WILL learn this… the universe goes to work and with lots of practice, presto changeo, we have mastered it. (and often times look back and laugh at how we thought it was so hard in the beginning) Never, never, never give up! You may fail, you may fall flat on your face over and over again, but when you reach that moment of mastery it will ALL be worth it! That blissful joy that you experience when you have completed something you worked so hard for is 100% worth the trial. Change your thinking, change your life. Once you realize that anything is possible (unless you give up) you will begin to love the process…

3. Confidence.

Confidence is described as a belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities.

If you were to ask me after the first time I successfully had the hoop rotating a few times if I felt confident and sure of myself- I would have laughed and said NO! But little by little that began to change within. Your sub-consous does this strange thing when you realize you actually can do something… It begins to transform your thinking and turns you (maybe just for a brief second or maybe for a day) into this wonderful, mighty, amazing being that can dance all over the clouds with a joyous smile beaming from ear to ear. I watch countless people (who were also those same people saying they couldn’t hula hoop) go from average joe to LOOK AT ME IM A ROCKSTAR in 5 seconds. You see the transformation take place on their face. Once they feel the success of “mastering” the hula hoop around their body, they feel on top of the world. They walk away from that meeting feeling little taller and with a bigger smile. As experienced hoopers, we begin our journey quite the same way. Each meeting with the hoop you learn a little more about you and your inner-self. Each time you push the boundaries a little further and learn you are capable of greatness. Each time you walk away with a bit more confidence in who you are as a person, and begin to truly fit and feel comfortable in your own skin.

4. Self Expression.

I don’t dance to impress, I dance to express!

I have always had a great appreciation for all genres of music and performance art. As a creative person, I feel it is important to express ourselves and share the passion and light we hold inside. I have always loved to

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dance, but not in the conventional, normal methods. I am what my college buddies called a “Phonetic” dancer. Dancing in the literal sense; if the song was about the sun shining, I pretended I was a sun raising my arms high above my head in a circle. (Needless to say, this did not make for a great girls nights out.) I would get so caught up in what people thought of me and the “what was considered cool” aspect of dancing, that I forgot why I was dancing in the first place. Then I was introduced to this new “prop” the hula hoop and a whole new world opened up. Once I was able to let go of the perception of what “dance” or rhythm was suppose to be in the conventional sense, I was able to fully express my movements and with intent. Suddenly three was different spaces I could work in, inside the hoop, outside the hoop and with the hoop in my hand! Slowly the hula hoop went from being a “prop” to a further extension of my body, fostering a brand new form of self expression. With this prop, “hoopdance” was put into a different category, the conventional “dance” rules did not apply. Through this process, I was able to open up, drop my guard and let go of what people think of me and fully express my feelings outward. Now I am known to be that girl who dances in the grocery store aisle or in the car driving down the road. When I hear a beat I cant help but move my feet, and arms, and body!

5. Community

Described as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

It is human nature, especially as women to try to judge someone or feel intimidated by others, before even getting to know them. It is something we all struggle with, but the most important thing hula hooping has taught me is how beautiful and important Community is. We are not alone in our journey through life. Once we establish our tribe, we realize the importance of support and community. Hula hooping has opened the door to this amazing community of beautiful people. You learn that you all have experienced the same struggles trying to learn a new trick, or absolute bliss when you have had an amazing flow session with your hoop! This tribe offers assistance in helping you reach your goals, love and support when you need it the most, and celebration when you have completed it! Through all of this, you learn to let go of the inner thoughts of “completion” and embrace the love and passion for the art form. This will begin to carry through in your day-to-day life. Not allowing judgment to affect your relationships and embracing people for who they are and their own uniqueness’s. I love meeting new people and enjoy learning about what makes them stand out.

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