10 days of Thanks, Hooper style


10 days of Thanks, Hooper style…. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s a time to stop and reflect, to give thanks to all the year has brought you. It is a time for family, festivities and of course good food! This year as I begin my reflection, I want to take a different approach; giving thanks, “Hooper” style! For ten days I’ll be sharing a reason I am thankful for my little plastic circle, the item that has been a major focus for me this past year, the one I never leave home with out, my hula hoop. Join us each day as we give thanks to all things hoop related!



 1. A fun, quick, entertaining cardio workout!

After spending my first year of marriage getting “cozy” with my new hubby, maybe a little too cozy in the food department… I realized I was putting on weight. So instead of hitting the gym, I picked up the pace, hoop cardio style. Spending more time hooping the day away, focusing a good portion of my practice on rigorous cardio, I was able to drop those pounds easily, and have a lot of fun doing so!

2. Community

In between teaching Hoop classes and the summer festival season I was able to connect with so many amazing people. Each person brought a completely different style and technique to the table. Seeing their  passion, hearing their stories, watching their break throughs and learning from each other; it amazes me how something as simple as a plastic circle can be so much more.

3. Stress Relief

Winding down from the busy summer & vending season we are quickly propelled into the Holiday season! With lots of traveling, family gatherings, cooking and holiday shopping the stress can quickly add up. Today I am thankful for the quick stress reliving mini sessions with my hoop. Not only mentally, but physically. After a quick session I feel my body begin to loosen up release all that built up tension.

4. Continued Education

One of my favorite things about hooping is that there will never be an end to the possibilities. True to it’s form, hula hooping is a never ending circle. With such a large community full of inspiring people sharing their hoop style, there is always something new to learn or incorporate.

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